Frequently Asked Questions - In plain English terminology!!!

How much will my website cost to build?
This depends on many factors, such as the type of website you need (i.e brochure/ information site is much cheaper than an online shopping cart). For a price on your website project please contact us.  

How long will it take to build my website?
This can also depend on a number of factors, having your images ready and content (text) for your website will speed the process up. Allow at least 2 weeks for a brochure / information type website, longer for a shopping cart website.

What is a domain name and how do I get one? 
Your domain name is how people find you on the world wide web, for example - M.A.D Marketing's domain name is madmarketing.co.nz  - its basically an address. We offer domain name registration so you do not need to pre register a domain name, but you do need to know they name you would like to register. Our domain name registration costs $40.00+gst per annum.

Can I update my own website?
Yes you can - provided you choose one of our packages which includes a
content management system. This allows you to make, text changes, update photos, and even add pages. Please see our various package deals to see which will suit your needs best.

Do you offer back up and support?
Yes we do. You can choose to be added to a monthly maintenance plan or call us as and when needed. Monthly maintenance covers 2 hours of updates / changes per month, such as text and image updates. It does not cover template or coding changes, functionality changes or upgrades. We can provide more information about these options at the time of booking your website.

Do I need special software to run my website?
No you don't. The content management system is an online program, however to be able to edit photos to the correct size and shape, we recommend having some photo editing software to use, although it is not essential as we can assist you with images if needed.

What is web space and how do I know how much to get?
"Web space" is the disc space where your website pages are hosted. We will advise on the appropriate package to host your website once we have spoken to you about your website requirements. We provide the web space on our servers which are on-line 24/7 and monitored around the clock.

Will my site be found on search engines?
We optimise all our websites to ensure they are more easily found on a search engine sites, placing key words into the code so as the engines can recognise what your websites main function is. We can also assist with online advertising once your website is ready to "go live" however the costs involved in this are additional to the package prices we offer.

What are your normal payment terms?
We offer several payment options, including easy pay instalment options, which we can discuss with you at the time of booking your website. We do ask for a non refundable deposit before work begins on all websites.

How do I know what kind of wesbite I will need?
That's where we are here to help you. Because we are a marketing company as well as a web design company we look at all aspects of your website to ensure it's an effective marketing tool. We can come to you or can discuss over the phone your website needs.

Do I have to be in Auckland to be one of your customers.
No. We have customers as far away as Australia, thanks to modern technology, skype, telephones and email we can design and develop your website without ever having to step foot in your office. Where possible however we do prefer to meet face to face and are happy to travel to see you to make the process more convenient.

If I build it, will they come?
Building a website is only the first step in the process. Just because your website exists does not mean you will have thousands of people visiting your site - well certainly not at first anyway. We can discuss with you ways to promote your website once you are ready to launch, including online newsletters and e-marketing options.