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M.A.D Marketing May Update

Posted by Administrator (admin) on May 20 2008
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A6 Postcard Size Flyers
This months special we are offering 10,000 A6 size flyers printed and delivered to your door for just


*This includes 1 hour of design and bundled into 100's or 200's for distribution, minimum order 10,000 flyers. A6 148mm x 105mm, 170gsm, full colour both sides.

(we are also able to arrange distribution to letter boxes, po boxes or a database of customers - please call us on               09 533 1553        for more details)

What better way to ensure your marketing dollar works for you months - even years from now!


Aquawash are a customer who take advantage of several services MAD offer, including having flyers designed and printed, to their website which was launched in March 2008.

Aquawash Limited specialise in home water blasting services. Not only will they wash your house, gutters, down pipes, decks patios and driveways to ensure your biggest asset is kept pristine, but they also clean schools, motels, commercial properties, factories and store fronts.

With the onset of the winter months, and the wet weather just around the corner - Aquawash recommend having your gutters cleaned ensuing they are free of leaves and moss so as water run off can freely drain away. Check out their online specials for more information.

If you or some one you know may be interested in their services give Dave a call on               (09) 533 7232        or visit to obtain a free estimate.



Marketing Quick Tip.  

Where possible add value - don't discount!
Discounting has its advantages, but where possible - add value to your products or services rather than dropping the price.
Constant discounts give your customers the impression your normal prices are too high, by adding value your sending the message that your pricing is the best it can be at all times, and customers are getting value for money with the "added" product or service.

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