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M.A.D Marketing August Update

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Aug 06 2008
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Keeping in touch with customers

We all know reminding customers of your products and services is an important part of business and electronic mail is a great way to achieve this at a relatively small cost compared to other advertising mediums.

MAD Marketing can now assist you with colourful, personalised e-marketing promotions. We can help you with the entire process from establishing and maintaining your database, to custom designing a template, and sending your e-newsletters for you.

Take advantage of our knowledge, creativity and database management by getting us to do your e-maketing for you e-mail for more information about how we can help.



The Red Stone

If your looking for the perfect gift for family, friends or colleagues - look no further than The Red Stone.

With gift wrapping options and the ability to send directly to the person you are buying the gift for, this site is the perfect way to find the perfect gift online!

No more standing in line, no more frustrations finding car parking at busy shopping malls, using petrol or going out in the cold. Shop from the comfort of your own home (or office) at

Marketing Quick Tip.  

Whenever possible find out WHY people have bought your product or service, or if they didn't buy from you why not!

Finding out what motivates your customers to use your services / products or perhaps what motivated them not to will help you to improve your product and services and help increase your sales.

Understanding your customers will allow you to adapt promotional campaigns, products and services to what your customer wants.  The more you know about why customers buy from you (or why they don't ) the more successful your business will be!

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